Helping Businesses Build Web Applications Faster and at Reasonable Prices

Our CEO was recently interviewed by TheAdReview about how our company innovates and the solutions we provide to our customers. Click here to read the interview on The Advertising Review. First of all, how are you and your team doing in these COVID-19 times? We’re doing well. Most of our team members are young and […]

Migrating your Legacy Applications: Using No-Code to Upgrade your Apps

GW Apps was created out of the frustration with the cost and time required to migrate legacy applications to a modern, cloud-based web platform. In our previous jobs, we helped many customers migrate legacy applications from various platforms. Rebuilding one application at a time using traditional development is a time consuming and costly process. A […]

Lotus Notes / Domino Legacy App Migration: Case Study

Overview A City government agency moved from Lotus Notes to a Microsoft platform in recent years, but still had 4 key applications they were having trouble finding a replacement solution for. They were eager to find options that would provide easier user access, improved functionality and would allow them to decommission their Lotus Domino platform […]

Creating an Employee Self-Service Portal

Many organizations are looking to deploy employee self-service portals to automate business processes and reduce operational costs. Activities like requesting a new company laptop, initiating a payment to a subsidiary or provider, or updating personal information in the company directory. Each of these processes will usually require review and approval, though the details of each […]

How City/State Governments Leverage No-Code to Modernize Applications

With the continuous evolution of our digitally centered lives, people are growing increasingly accustomed to a sophisticated digital user experience. Thus, companies and institutions are making a renewed effort to modernize their applications and provide easy apps access to their employees and customers. One segment that has proven to be a greater challenge is legacy […]

Building Employee Self-Service Portals

Vagisha Arora in collaboration with Richard Knight Customers are regarded as ‘kings’ of the marketplace but employees form the heartbeat of a firm. Everything your organization achieves is due to the hard work, creativity and dedication of its staff. It is thus smart business to provide your employees with a friendly working environment and the […]

No-Code or Low-Code: Weighing the Benefits

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Simplicity vs. Capability – or both? We launched GW Apps with a mission to create the most capable cloud application development platform for business users, extending the power of No Code to enable non-programmers, often called citizen developers, to create meaningful applications. This No Code solution gives all users the power to digitize and modernize […]

City Government – Modernizing their IT Purchasing Approval Application: Case Study

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Overview City and State governments have been transitioning to cloud based solutions for several years. Most have completed their email migration to Office 365 or Google Workspace. They are also leveraging SaaS solutions where they can find a good fit with their specific needs. What is proving more challenging, is finding a suitable replacement for […]