Build Apps Faster and Innovate with No-Code

GW Apps helps businesses build web applications faster, enabling them to better manage their data and business processes.

Office Productivity Applications

Build workflow centric applications to better manage your unique business processes

Employee Self
Service Portals

Enables employees to directly request common IT, HR and other services from a central online site

Office Solutions

Create intelligent forms, add workflow, generate reports & PDFs. Increase office productivity.

Legacy App Migration

Leverage GWApps workflow capabilities to replace legacy apps built with Lotus Domino, Filemaker… 

Solutions You Can Build with GW Apps

Process Automation and Digital Transformation so Mid Market companies and SMBs can deliver faster and reduce costs.

How Teams are Benefiting from GW Apps

GW Apps offers a quick and visual way for IT and line of business employees to build the customized and secure apps they need to modernize their business processes and empower their data.

IT Team Leaders

IT leaders understand the economics of using No-Code, and welcome the excellent ROI. 

Citizen Developers

GW Apps enables process owners to automate their own processes, with no budget worries.

Business Analysts

Are empowered to use their detailed use case knowledge to create apps to transform business processes.

Business Owners

Owners see maximum transformation of their business and excellent ROI form their investment.

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