Custom business apps can transform how you work

GW Apps is a no-code development platform that automates tasks, tracks progress and organizes data, so you can focus on delivering more value, and side-step the busy-work.

Business transformation is easier than you think,
if you have the right tools

All organizations have countless processes they need to manage. If your processes helped to manage themselves and automated their own actions, you could get more done with less stress. GW Apps supports and amplifies the way you want to work.

More responsive sales and service

Wow your prospects and customers with faster and more valuable responses. Close more business and keep customers happier.

Never loose sight of anything

No more hunting and wasting time finding information and answers. Everybody can see everything they need to stay informed and make data driven decisions.

Deliver more value

Removing mundane process actions and tracking work allows your staff to deliver greater value and feel more engaged.

Build all the apps that you need

GW Apps was designed to be the easiest and most flexible way to build workflow, approval, business process automation applications.

Sales & Marketing Support

Build apps to keep sales and customer service reps up to date and help them respond more quickly and with the right information.

Anything Needing Approval

Have a process to request a new company card, cellphone or customer account? Create a custom app to manage the process you have, don’t bend the process to fit packaged software.

Paperless Office Solutions

Get rid of the inflexibility, storage requirements and slow handling of paper forms. Digitize and automate them to transform your efficiency and reduce costs.

Self-Service Portals

Enable employees to directly request common IT, HR and other services from an internal portal, or customers to make and track orders for a customer dashboard.

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