A better way to build applications on the Google Cloud Platform

App Builder lets you create custom applications in just a few hours

Businesses still need custom solutions, but do they all require complex tooling? App Builder is a drag-drop and configure application development platform that lets non-programmers create powerful, secure and highly functional applications.

Business Automation

A platform that allows you to create business process applications. Quicker and far simpler than traditional development, with all the benefits of the cloud. Start with one of our templates for even faster results.

Drag, Drop & Configure: Simple

Create rich, functional forms: Just drag, drop and configure the required form elements. A wide range of elements mean even fairly complex applications can be built in this manner. Workflow can be added in a similar click and configure builder, offering powerful features, but with a simple interface.

Google Integration

AppBuilder not only runs on the Google Cloud, it is integrated with GSuite. Your GSuite login is you AppBuilder login, and Google Drive and GMail integration are baked right in.

Functionality not Complexity

Mobile Ready

AppBuilder apps are always desktop, tablet and mobile ready, with no additional work.

Google Cloud Platform

AppBuilder runs on the GCP and integrates with many of its services.


Robust role based security allows flexible control and rock-solid protection.

Citizen Development

AppBuilder’s power is wrapped in a simple interface, so many apps can be built without the need for a developer.

Powerful Features

Conditional workflow logic, email notifications with record data in them, and child records are just a few of the powerful features of AppBuilder.

Data Access

No more islands of data. Security permitting, applications can share data, so you don’t need to create the same lookup data in multiple apps.

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