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What is GW Apps?

Glad you asked. GW Apps is a quick, easy and secure way for non-tech business employees to build the customized apps they need to make their workday that much easier. It's as simple as drag, drop and configure.

No code. Powerful apps.

What can I build with GW Apps?

Asset Management

Manage the full life-cycle of IT assets within your organisation, along with their location history, recurring payments and other key information.

Time Tracker

Manage your contractor's times, bill your clients, generate reports & more.

Contract Management

Track contracts through a formal review and approval process.

Expense Report

Entering, approval and tracking of expense claims.

Bug Tracking

You can track details of a bug and its resolution.

Vacation Request

Allow employee’s to enter vacation requests, and have managers track and approve them.

Service Desk

Help manage and track IT service requests through to resolution.

Don't take our word for it! Let us show you.

Our team is always excited to show you our product. Request a demo, and someone will schedule a walkthrough ASAP.

As Featured On

"GW Apps has given our organization the ability to evolve and push customer change requests to our applications within minutes. The responsive click-and-drag concept is well developed. This makes our no-code developer's applications look like it was produced by our Sr. Back End Developers. GW Apps support team has always responded to every question and consideration that our team has had."

Lee S.

"Honestly, using GW Apps even once a week has saved my department so much time. The reports feature and customizable emails are a godsend. Faultless customer service for a powerful and easy to use product!"

Maria L.

"I found GW apps to be very easy to use and get up and running almost instantly. It has a couple of typical departmental app templates ready to go out-of-the-box, and making customizations was simple and intuitive. Someone with moderate computer skills would be able to use this and create their own apps and without writing a line of code."

Vinay K.