How City/State Governments Leverage No-Code to Modernize Applications

With the continuous evolution of our digitally centered lives, people are growing increasingly accustomed to a sophisticated digital user experience. Thus, companies and institutions are making a renewed effort to modernize their applications and provide easy apps access to their employees and customers.

One segment that has proven to be a greater challenge is legacy applications. They are often unattractive and complex to use by modern standards, giving users a poor experience and lower engagement and productivity. They are also expensive to maintain, require specialized knowledge, and are challenging to update as requirements change. Because of this, it’s hardly surprising that many organizations are now making significant efforts to modernize or replace all their remaining legacy applications.

Modernizing legacy applications may have been a massive undertaking in the past but it has become much quicker and easier with the help of the latest No-Code platforms. A recent Gartner study found that state and local government were the largest category of users searching for information on No-Code platforms.

No-Code platforms accelerate government app development

Most government sector applications are centered around forms, and No-Code platforms are specifically designed to address this need. They allow internal teams to quickly create forms and applications in a simple drag, drop, and configure manner. These new forms will not only help improve user engagement by speeding up and simplifying the submission process, but also make it simpler for internal teams to manage processes, access and analyze the data, and deliver it to the appropriate audience — even on their phones and tablets.

No-Code platforms also empower “citizen” developers — business users who understand the process being automated — to create their own applications. They are equally attractive for IT teams as it allows them to empower their analysts and developers to build applications much more quickly and at a greatly reduced cost. This allows organizations to create a greater number of agile applications that still meet process, audit, and reporting requirements.

How the GW Apps No-Code platform is different

At GW Apps, our platform is built upon four advanced components:

  1. An easy-to-use form builder that allows organizations to create visually effective and feature-rich forms to capture and organize any kind of data or supporting media.
  2. The ability to add business process automation and workflows, so users can input data and forward it for approvals with just simple configurations. Many other platforms use process modelers to link the relationships, which are complex to use and often require technical expertise.
  3. The ability to assign access to data at every level and at every stage of the process. This way, organizations can ensure only the right people are seeing or editing the data at the right time.
  4. Report building that allows team members to easily analyze the data in multiple ways and quickly answer business questions.

With the combination of drag and drop components and simple configuration capabilities, the GW Apps No-Code platform helps government organizations rein in development costs and improve user engagement and efficiency. No-Code also lets them build applications in a more iterative manner, enabling governments to react to changing demands quickly.

Most local and state governments have strict procurement guidelines and budget constraints they must abide by and acquiring a new IT system requires a lengthy competitive procurement process. The advantage of No-Code is that it enables departments to build their own application rapidly and at a much lower total cost, and avoid a long procurement process.

Lower operating costs, the ease of making ongoing application improvements, and zero specialized knowledge requirements all contribute to why No-Code platforms are a great path forward for local and state government organizations.

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