GW Apps vs Kintone

GW Apps is an easy-to-learn, No-Code alternative to Kintone

GW Apps makes it easy to create powerful custom software that connects seamlessly with your tools without sacrificing performance or design. No coding skills required.

Why customers are choosing GW Apps

GW Apps empowers teams to easily build and scale the tools they need without requiring scripts or tricky formulas.

GW Apps can easily build large & complex apps which are limited only by your imagination, while Kintone limits you to only one form, 150 fields & 50,000 records per app. 

Our platform enables the building of more complex and secure workflow processes, so you can create the apps you need to improve operational efficiency.

Service level agreements (SLAs) for for any workflow stage(s) combined with platform level reporting, allows tight management of process or service performance.

GW Apps more competitive pricing and it’s powerful capabilities allows you to build for less, and deliver a greater return. Create all the apps you need for a fixed fee.

Apps That Scale with Your Business

Form Builder

Capable Workflow & Robust Security

GW Apps Workflow

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Greater ROI

GW Apps Pricing


GW Apps is more focussed on creating secure and feature-rich applications. It has more features for form functionality and layout, for workflow and security, and for views, emails and PDF generation. GW Apps does not have the workplace platform features of Kintone, though some of them could be built within GW Apps if required, however it is better suited to creating self-service portals.

Kintone and GW Apps are both good choices, though for different customer needs. If you are looking for a No-Code platform that supports more complex business process apps and even creating self-service portals, then GW Apps is more likely to be a better fit.

Kintone describes their own platform this way: “Kintone is a customizable workplace platform that lets highly collaborative teams manage data, tasks, and communication in one central place.” This description really does describe the essence of Kintone’s core functionality. It is a better fit for organizations that need a combination of team collaboration features (like announcements, team spaces, comments, mentions, and discussions), and simple applications to store data and track progress. Having these two aspects working together will be a powerful solution for organizations that need this. Kintone also currently offers more feature rich charting functionality, though GW Apps can automatically update a Google Analytics dashboard.

If your organization is looking for a platform that offers a combination of team collaboration and application development, then Kintone is perhaps uniquely suited out of all No-Code platforms.

Read a detailed comparison between GW Apps and Kintone:

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