GW Apps vs AppSheet

We’re often asked about the differences between GW Apps and AppSheet, and which product will offer the best solution. 

Both products have unique underlying architectures that make them more suitable for building different types of applications.

Why customers are choosing GW Apps

A versatile form builder and a powerful workflow means you can build the exact process you really need.

GW Apps is always No-Code: Its drag-drop-and-configure approach allows users of all skill levels to build even complex apps. AppSheet requires formula language programming to complete many real-world apps.

AppSheet’s forms are restricted to a single column of fields, and there is no easy way to add non-field elements to your form such as images, dividing lines, labels or sections. GW Apps’ forms are highly customizable, allowing for multiple columns, dynamic layout changes, and embedded elements.

Need to build Finance, HR or Sales apps where it’s vital only the right people can see or take action on data? GW Apps provides a straightforward approach to implementing custom and dynamic roles and workflow stage, field-level user permissions. To achieve similar outcomes in AppSheet, a creative combination of several advanced features is required, including the use of expressions.

Most users will require AppSheet’s “Core” plan for $10/user/month to gain access to necessary features and live support. GW Apps licenses average $2-4/user/month, and all plans are full-featured and offer live support. That said, those with a Google Workspace enterprise license may be entitled to AppSheet licenses as part of their subscription benefits.



Powerful Forms


Granular Security


GW Apps Pricing


GW Apps real strength lies in its ability to create audit-ready applications for secure business transactions where it is vital only specific people can see or edit specific data, at specific stages in the process life-cycle. It also offers far greater control over how data is laid out in forms.

AppSheet is a very quick way to build web apps if you already have populated Excel or Google Sheets, or an SQL database to serve as the data source. It also has useful features for mobile applications like geolocation and barcode scanning.

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