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What is GW Apps?

Glad you asked. GW Apps is a quick, easy and secure way for non-tech business employees to build the customized apps they need to make their workday that much easier. It’s as simple as drag, drop and configure.

GW Apps is also great for legacy application migration. If your business is looking to upgrade and modernize applications previously built with Lotus Notes, Filemaker, or MS Access, we have you covered. 

Let us help you get started today.

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International Partners

GW Apps is building a team of trusted international partners. These carefully selected companies have impressed us with their professionalism, capability and investment in mastering GW Apps.

If you would like to see a demonstration or investigate GW Apps capabilities in your native language, please reach out to the partner in your country, if we have one. 



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Interested in Becoming a Partner

If your company is interested in becoming a GW Apps partner, please contact us at