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GW Apps Templates

Our latest list of app templates

Time Tracker

Manage your contractor's times, bill your clients, generate reports & more.

Vacation Request

Allow employee’s to enter vacation requests, and have managers track and approve them.

Expense Report

Entering, approval and tracking of expense claims.

Bug Tracking

You can track details of a bug and its resolution.

Service Desk

Help manage and track IT service requests through to resolution.

Asset Management

Manage the full life-cycle of IT assets within your organisation, along with their location history, recurring payments and other key information.

Contract Management

Track contracts through a formal review and approval process.

Product Feature Management

Track new product feature ideas, and their packaging into new product releases.

Employee On-boarding

Create on-boarding steps for before and after starting work, assign them to new employees, and track them to completion.

Project Portfolio Management

Manage high-level information across a portfolio of projects, and to collect high level monthly status reports.

HR Guidebooks

Review and publish HR policies, standards and guidelines.

More Coming Soon...

Our template list keeps growing, stay tuned for more soon.

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