GW Apps Product Update – Recent Enhancements

Here are the major feature enhancements implemented to GW Apps in the last 90 days. We have a robust product roadmap, and we welcome your requests and feedback. We hope these improvements address your needs.

Form Enhancements

Multilingual Forms

All of your Form’s field labels and tool-tips, as well as radio, checkbox, and list options can be translated into different languages. The language will display based on the user’s browser language settings (e.g., if your browser is in Spanish, you will see the Spanish content).

GW Apps Multilingual
Language Settings

Stepper & Tab Layouts

Allow your users to fill out forms and capture data in a step-by-step format with the new Stepper layout. You can also create tabbed forms for easier data viewing and better organization.

GW Apps Stepper Form
Stepper Layout
GW Apps Tabbed Form
Tab Layout

Multiple Layout Options & Dynamic Forms

Create multiple layouts and a dynamic form that changes layout depending on the form mode – e.g., create records with the Stepper layout, view them in a Tabbed layout, and edit them as a single page form.

GW Apps Dynamic Form Layout Changes
Multiple Layouts

Workflow & Security

Workflow UI Overhaul

Workflow and Security options have been merged into a single tab in the Form Editor, creating a more streamlined building process. See and edit all of your Workflow stages, stage-based role permissions, action buttons, and Field Security settings in one place.

GW Apps Workflow
New Workflow & Security UI

Conditional Action Buttons

We’ve added the Conditional Visibility feature to your workflow Action Buttons, allowing you to hide or show Action Buttons depending on whether or not certain conditions are met, e.g., hide the button if no comment was added.

GW Apps Conditional Workflow
Conditional Action Buttons

Confirmation Dialog

You can now enable the option to show a confirmation dialog when a user clicks an action button. The confirmation can also display up to 5 fields from your form in the dialog box, which can be edited or filled out.

Reports & Views

Calendar & Kanban Views

View and organize your records on our two newest views:

  • Calendar: View and create your records directly from a Calendar.
GW Apps Calendar
Calendar View
  • Kanban: A card-based view that displays records as movable cards, and allows you to move records through workflow stages or change their list selection values by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired column. Additionally, new security options were added to the Kanban view which allows you to restriction who is allowed to move the cards.
Kanban View

Embedded Views

Embed your Table, Calendar, and Kanban views inside of your forms with our Embedded View feature, allowing you to both display your views within a form and filter them to only show relevant records.

GW Apps Embedded View
Embedded Table View

PDF Updates

Over the past few months, we’ve added several new features to improve our PDF templates and reports. You can now:

  • Attach PDFs to your workflow emails.
  • Add Signature field data, embedded table view data, and dynamic table data into your PDF templates.
  • Choose to show or hide specific data on your PDF Reports depending on whether or not certain conditions are met.
  • Display images and PDFs attached to your record’s Attachment fields; if the files are PDF or image formats, then they will be shown inline in the generated PDF.
GW Apps PDF Builder
PDF Template Builder

Additional Enhancements

In addition to the major enhancements listed above, we’ve also released a number of other enhancements. Below is a list of the most notable enhancements.

Anonymous Access Enhancements

We’ve made some improvements to the Anonymous Form Access feature, such as:

  • Anonymous Tab – Anonymous form settings now have their own tab in the Form Editor. This was done so that we can continue to add new features to the public forms in the future.
  • Anonymous Password – You can now require a password for your anonymous forms as an extra layer of security, ensuring that only the necessary people can view and submit them.
  • Anonymous Forms Mobile Update – Anonymous forms now display multiple buttons when on mobile, instead of having to select an arrow to see more than one button.

Improved Record Audit History

In our efforts to improve the entire audit system we decided to start with record audit history, which now shows a more detailed history of changes to a record.

GW Apps Record Audit History
Record Audit History

Field Pattern Validation

We’ve added regular expression support to Text and Text Area field validation. With this feature, you can now set up more specific validation for your text fields whereby the field will return invalid unless it follows a specific format, e.g., an invoice number that has to follow the format of “xxx-xxxxxx”.

GW Apps Regex
Regular Expression Options

Improved App Testing Mode

There are new app settings that allow you to control your application’s notifications, e.g., to redirect all emails to a specific email, or prevent emails from being sent at all. This is intended to prevent either yourself or your users from receiving a slew of email notifications while you work on and test your applications.

GW Apps App Notifications
Notification Settings

Updated the Platform Users Page

We revamped the UI and added more settings to the Platform Users page in the Platform Settings. These additional settings give more oversight into what your users have access to in the platform. The new App Access tab will show you what apps a user has access to; it displays their role(s) in each app, and gives you the option to remove users from roles directly from the Platform Settings.

GW Apps Apps Access
App Access Settings

Assign User Managers

In addition to the App Access tab, we’ve also added the ability to assign managers to users in the Platform Users page. After assigning a manager to a user, the manager can be referenced within applications, e.g., setting the default value of a Directory Lookup field to the logged-in user’s manager.

GW Apps User Manager
User Manager Field

Enhanced Browser Tabs

When working in an application, the browser tab will now display the name of the app you are working in. You can also now change the Tab Favicon (the icon shown in the browser tab) to be your company’s logo or any icon instead of the GW Apps icon.

Email Template Enhancements

We’ve updated Email Templates with many of the same enhancements as our PDF Templates, along with some additional enhancements specific to Email Templates. These include:

  • Add Signature field data, embedded table view data, and dynamic table data into your Email Templates.
  • Choose to show or hide specific data in your emails depending on whether or not certain conditions are met.
  • When creating a new template you are now prompted with the option to select fields you want to include in your email, and the app will auto-create a table with the label and the value for each section.
  • Added 2 new properties for Email Templates: Sender Name and Reply To. You can now change the sender name that displays when users receive an email from your template, and who receives an email when a user replies.
  • And, as already mentioned, you can attach PDF Templates to your Email Templates.

New & Updated Templates

We’ve revamped some of our templates to take advantage of all these recent feature enhancements. Notable templates to review:

  • Asset Management
  • Time Off Request
  • Time Tracker
  • Event Planning (New Template)
  • Sample Surveys (New Template)

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