GW Apps Announces AI Initiative with Google enabling easier Web App Development

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18 Sep, 2023

GW Apps Announces AI Initiative with Google Cloud to enable easier Web Application Development on its No-Code application platform. This collaboration will harness the unparalleled capabilities of generative AI to extend the capabilities of GW Apps No-Code application platform, and enable users to build enterprise workflow applications and accelerate their digital transformation.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — GW Apps, a leading force in No-Code web application development, announced a new initiative to implement AI tools and make it easier for its customers to build enterprise web applications. Backed by Google Cloud technology, and professional services from 66degrees, this collaboration will harness the unparalleled capabilities of generative AI to reshape the way web apps are built and the capabilities of apps themselves.

The formidable alliance of GW Apps, Google Cloud and 66degrees, aims to address the complexities often faced during web application development and add greater information intelligence to the apps. Integrating cutting-edge gen AI features into GW Apps’ No-Code platform, this initiative will help users build web apps more quickly and with greater capability by supercharging their product knowledge as they build. It will also empower significant data insights and understanding by giving access to AI capabilities to process and transform existing information. Overall, these additions will enhance productivity, efficiency, overall user experience, app capability and business insight.

Henry Khalife, CEO of GW Apps, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our collaboration with Google Cloud and 66degrees is a significant stride toward simplifying and enhancing web application development. This initiative underscores our commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions.”

Chris Resch, CRO of 66degrees, shared his vision, saying, “The potential of Google Cloud’s generative AI features combined with our partnership’s expertise is truly exciting. Through this initiative, we envision enabling users to create web applications that are not only functional but also intuitive and intelligent.”

GW Apps’ initial Google Cloud gen AI initiative, slated for deployment in October, will introduce groundbreaking features that include:

Guided Development through Virtual Intelligence: A virtual assistant, designed to offer precise guidance, will accompany users throughout the application-building process. Capable of providing context-specific responses to “how to” queries, such as form creation, workflow configuration, notification implementation, and report generation, this virtual assistant will redefine the ease and effectiveness of web application development. Users will unlock the full potential of the AI-powered GW Apps platform, ensuring a seamless experience.

Empowering Users with AI Models: The collaboration brings forth a range of versatile AI models that can be seamlessly integrated into applications:

  • Text Summarization: Users can distill the essence of content by summarizing text from one or more fields. This will make it much easier to understand and get insights from blocks of text information such as customer interaction histories, service records, and issue resolutions.


  • Sentiment Analysis: AI-driven sentiment analysis automatically extracts the overall sentiment from text fields, providing insights into the emotional tone of content. This can be particularly valuable for applications dealing with surveys, customer interactions, and communication histories.


  • Multilingual Translations: Utilizing AI, users can translate content from one language to another, catering to diverse language needs within a single application. This feature finds applications in CRM systems, employee self-service portals, and process management tools.

About GW Apps: GW Apps is a pioneering provider of No-Code application development tools, renowned for its user-friendly platform that empowers developers to craft robust applications with ease. The company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has established GW Apps as a trusted name in the industry.

About 66degrees: 66degrees is a leading Data, Analytics, and Google Cloud Premier Partner for the Sell, Service and Build engagement models that specializes in helping enterprise clients achieve success through the utilization of AI/ML and the modernization of their data, analytics, infrastructure, and applications. With over a decade of Google Cloud expertise, 66degrees leverages the capabilities of Google Cloud to develop cutting-edge data and cloud solutions.

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