Modernize your Legacy Applications

Easily migrate Lotus Notes, Filemaker, and other Custom Legacy Apps with No-Code.

GW Apps was created out of the frustration with the cost and time required to migrate legacy applications to a modern, cloud-based web platform. 

Lotus Notes/Domino

The GW Apps team has a long track record in Domino application development and migration. When we designed GW Apps, we made sure to include many of the key features that made Notes/Domino such a successful platform.

  • Form design that automatically creates and configures data storage.
  • Workflows with flexible notification routing, including record data in emails.
  • The ability to create flexible, robust and fine-grained security models without the need to learn @Formulas.
  • Relationships between records and being able to lookup data between records and apps.
  • Embedded views with the ability to have unlimited sub-entries in a parent record (think sales orders or equipment requisitions) and categorized views with totals.


Filemaker has been a great resource for years, but it requires specific database administration knowledge and coding skills. The rise of No-Code and Low-Code solutions that provide quick results and easy ways to add workflow have made Filemaker more of a burden than a benefit. Migrating your Filemaker application to the GW Apps platform will provide you with a quicker, easier way to create the same custom layouts you would with Filemaker while providing more versatility.

Custom Legacy Applications

Many small companies and departments in large organizations still have key apps on out of date platforms. While most know that isn’t a viable long-term option, it is often hard to find an affordable and simple app migration solution. The GW Apps is often a great option for these apps. It’s easy to learn, quick to use, and allows teams without deep IT resources to get up to speed and transform their business processes in a short time.

Legacy App Migration
GW Apps Legacy App Migration

The Benefits of Legacy App Migration with GW Apps

  • Migrate legacy applications without losing app functionality
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Migrate apps in days, not months
  • Save up to 80% over traditional legacy app migration options
  • Cloud based ready infrastructure

Ready to Get Started?

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