No-Code Training Workshop July 27th at 10AM PDT

Benefits of No-Code Workshop Bootcamp

We believe companies are better off when their staff have a solid understanding of No-Code platforms. At the end of this bootcamp, you have the option to continue building apps on GW Apps or evaluate other No-Code platforms and determine the solutions that are best for you.

Bootcamp Details

The Bootcamp will consist of 4 two-hour sessions, beginning on July 27th.

  • Session 1 - July 27: Platform Overview - Designing your forms.
  • Session 2 - July 28: Adding workflow, data security and building reports.
  • Session 3 - Start Building your own App.
  • Session 4 (Private session)  - Complete your App. Production Launch.
    *sessions 3 & 4 training dates will be determined with attendees.

Program details:

    • Agencies nominate 1 or 2 employees to attend this program.
    • GW Apps will host a series of workshops to help participants build sample apps, then a production app for their company.
    • Free GW Apps license for 60 days.
    • Weekly office hours to provide support after workshops.