Student Health Tracker

Monitor health symptoms to keep your school healthy.

The Student Health Tracker app was developed to assist schools with the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure that students and staff can attend in-person classes safely. Our app gives schools the ability to communicate with parents and students to identify potential COVID-19 symptoms before students get to school.

A No-Code Health Monitoring App

Drag, drop, and configure provides a way to quickly and easily customize your app template for your school's specific needs.

  • Quick to Deploy
  • For use on any device
  • Easy to Generate Data Reports
Student Health Tracker App | GW Apps

Easy Data Input

Parents can enter student health information through the app before attending classes. Send updates and notifications about in-person classes, important health information, or any other topics that you'd like to incorporate.

Powerful Tools for your Staff to Manage Student Health

No-Code allows anyone on the administrative staff to create the app on your timetable without waiting on a developer. Generate PDF reports from student submissions directly from the app and easily evaluate who should or shouldn't attend in-person events.

Student Health Tracker App | GW Apps

Get Started with the Student Health Tracker

Request a demo for your school and a member of our team will reach out ASAP.