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We've helped many property management companies upgrade their management of tenant requests. Instead of having tenants download a PDF form, print and sign it, scan it and email back to the office, tenants can do it all online in one simple step.

Online Forms

Tenants can now complete their forms online, e-sign and submit them in a couple of minutes. We’ve developed 11 standard forms. Use them as they are, customize them or create your own. The application can send each tenant a link directly to their specific record for scheduled activities like yearly lease reviews and approval.

Our template application has the following standard forms:

  • After Hours Access Request
  • After Hours Security Request
  • Building Access Keycard Requests
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Event Requests
  • HVAC Request
  • Overnight Parking Requests
  • Physically Impaired Person Emergency Info
  • Property Removal Pass
  • Tenant Information Form
  • Vendor Electrical/Phone Room Access
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Commercial Property PDF

Generate Custom PDF Hardcopies

If you need a ‘hardcopy’ for your records, you can generate a PDF copy as part of the approval process. You can customize the PDF templates to match your specific reporting needs.

Search & Report

Your building operations team will have easy access to review all submitted forms and PDF hardcopies, and so be able to respond promptly to any followup inquiry. Managers can see an overview of activity and see that things are running smoothly.

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Commercial Property Email Sent

Email Notifications

Any form can send automatic email notifications at any stage of the workflow process. You can create custom email templates and include form data, PDFs, and action links in the email.

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