GW Apps or AppSheet

We’re often asked about the differences between GW Apps and AppSheet, and which product will offer the best solution.

Both products have unique underlying architectures that make them more suitable for building different types of applications. In this paper we’ll look at the relative strengths of both products, as well as the types of applications each is a better fit for.

Helping Businesses Build Web Applications Faster and at Reasonable Prices

Our CEO was recently interviewed by TheAdReview about how our company innovates and the solutions we provide to our customers. Click here to read the interview on The Advertising Review. First of all, how are you and your team doing in these COVID-19 times? We’re doing well. Most of our team members are young and […]

Migrating your Legacy Applications: Using No Code to Upgrade your Apps

Upgrading Your Platform with No Code GW Apps was created out of the frustration with the cost and time required to migrate legacy applications to a modern, cloud-based web platform. In our previous jobs, we helped many customers migrate legacy applications from various platforms. Rebuilding one application at a time using traditional development is a […]

Lotus Notes / Domino Legacy App Migration: Case Study

Overview A City government agency moved from Lotus Notes to a Microsoft platform in recent years, but still had 4 key applications they were having trouble finding a replacement solution for. They were eager to find options that would provide easier user access, improved functionality and would allow them to decommission their Lotus Domino platform […]

Creating an Employee Self-Service Portal

Many organizations are looking to deploy employee self-service portals to automate business processes and reduce operational costs. Activities like requesting a new company laptop, initiating a payment to a subsidiary or provider, or updating personal information in the company directory. Each of these processes will usually require review and approval, though the details of each […]

GW Apps or Bubble? Features Review

If you are looking for a feature-rich no-code development platform, you should evaluate GW Apps and Bubble, as they are both excellent choices, though targeted at quite different use-cases. GW Apps is designed to help companies build web applications to modernize how they manage their business processes. If your goal is to capture, manage, and […]

How City/State Governments Leverage No-Code to Modernize Applications

With the continuous evolution of our digitally centered lives, people are growing increasingly accustomed to a sophisticated digital user experience. Thus, companies and institutions are making a renewed effort to modernize their applications and provide easy apps access to their employees and customers. One segment that has proven to be a greater challenge is legacy […]

Google Forms & GW Apps Comparison

Google Forms has helped thousands of organizations manage data. It allows anyone with a Google account to create simple forms, collect data, and share results. It offers an easy-to-use editing UI, simple customizable logic, and a large library of additional add-ons and integrations. Viewing your data is clear and simple, and results can be easily […]

GW Apps or Quickbase? Features Review

If you’re looking for a feature-rich no-code development platform, you should evaluate GW Apps and Quickbase, as they are both excellent choices. Form Builder and Data Model Quickbase and GW Apps take a different approach to building the data model. In Quickbase tables are the foundation of its applications, and forms are secondary, while in […]

GW Apps or Zoho Creator? Features Review

GW Apps and Zoho Creator are both application development platforms that enable you to create custom applications. In many ways, Creator and GW Apps are similar, especially when it comes to form customization and features. Both products allow you to collect data, automate business processes, have approval workflows, visualize data, and integrate with external applications. […]