GW Apps or Kintone

Kintone and GW Apps are both successful web application development platforms that offer a range of features to help automate business processes and manage data. Kintone is mostly a No-Code platform, though some advanced features do require coding (Low-Code), while GW Apps is a purely No-Code platform. Each platform has a unique combination of features […]

No-Code Training Workshop December 9th, 2022

We believe companies are better off when their staff have a solid understanding of No-Code platforms. At the end of this bootcamp, you have the option to continue building apps on GW Apps or evaluate other No-Code platforms and determine the solutions that are best for you.

No-Code Training Workshop October 25th, 2022

Small and medium size businesses are rapidly building web applications and innovating by using No-Code application platforms. This enables them to better serve their customers and support their employees, and inject new efficiencies into their business processes.