Product Management Template Added

This template is to help manage the creation and scheduling of new product features. You can create lists of feature areas and product releases, and then assign those to new feature suggestions. App Features Create a list of predefined feature … Continue Reading

New View Designer added to GWApps

We have released a new and improved view designer. As well as supporting many new features, it is also easier to find as it has been moved from being part of the Form Designer, to being its own designer. The … Continue Reading

Employee On-Boarding Template Added

This template is to help manage the employee on-boarding process. You can create on-boarding steps and assign them to new employees to ensure all required procedures are completed for a new employee. App Features Create a list of predefined on-boarding … Continue Reading

Making Process Change Easier

GWApps makes implementing business process improvements quicker and easier than you might have thought possible. GWApps is a completely code-free development platform that enables business people to create applications to improve the processes they know and own. Much simpler and … Continue Reading

Vacation Requests Template Added

This template is designed to allow employee’s to enter vacation requests, and have managers approve them. App Features Create records to track a vacation request Managers can approve, reject or return the request to the requester View and report on … Continue Reading