GW Apps blog is the place to discover the world of no code. You will find tips and tricks on how to improve your daily workflow activities. The blog also provides insights on migrating from legacy systems such as Lotus Notes, FileMaker, custom apps, and more.

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Is No Code Suitable for your Business? | GW Apps

Is No Code Suitable for Your Business?

Nov 3, 2020
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Low-Code or No-Code options provide users with the tools they need to create a well developed cloud application without complicated code involved. But with the multitude of products on the market, how can businesses choose the best Low-Code or No-Code solution?…

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Legacy App Migration with No Code | GW Apps

Migrating your Legacy Applications: Using No Code to Upgrade your Platform

Oct 28, 2020
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GW Apps was created out of the frustration with the cost and time required to migrate legacy applications to a modern, cloud-based web platform. In our previous jobs, we helped many customers migrate legacy applications…

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